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See Thru Nikki specializes in custom design work, custom logo work, and custom animation work. Nikki, the artist, is focused on prioritizing the client's vision. There are no limitations. She believes anything is possible and anything can be created. Let YOUR imagination run wild! With a  focus on originality and adding that personal touch, no piece is ever the same. Nikki does not use a stylus for any of her artwork, All of See Thru Nikki artwork is created with the artist's fingertip only. The name "See Thru Nikki", is a play on words. Clients see their vision through the artist's eyes, therefore, you are seeing through Nikki. 













See Thru Nikki encourages individuals to not be afraid to express themselves in a creative way, to be aware of their own creative light and unique self-expression. As an artist, Nikki is here to help achieve your own creative vision and make it come to life! She plans on working with many more individuals that share a love for art and creativity.  Every day, Nikki looks forward to inspiring more people to freely express their own creative light. Her main goal is to spread positivity, creativity, and self-expression along her journey. Vision is always HEARD. 
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